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Welcome to Naughty Boyz Dog Training!

Liz Flaming (she/her), CPDT-KA, CDT, MPH
Co-Owner & Certified Dog Trainer
Left: Fritz Flaming, Chief of "I'm Da Boss".
Right: Gary Flaming, Chief of Puppy Eye Sciences
Not pictured: Hawk, Chief of Food Swiping 
liz - naughty boyz dog trainer.jpg

Liz Flaming is a Co-Owner of and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer with Naughty Boyz. She earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Public Health before turning her sights to all things dog!


She began her training in 2018 with a year-long K9 Misfits mentoring program, while supporting recently-rescued dogs as a volunteer member of Hart’s Behaviour Team. In this role, she supported both foster dogs and foster parents with concerns such as reactivity, basic cues, resource guarding, etc. As a foster home and dog sitter herself, she has hosted a wide range of doggy guests in her home.


Liz has taught multiple group classes, including puppy basics, puppy socialization, and basic manners. Liz is a regular CBC News contributor promoting positive reinforcement to the Edmonton community and she supports Lifeline Companion Paws, Dog Therapy program through working with doggy guardians across Canada help their dog prepare for certification.


She loves working with dogs and their families in private settings to address a range of concerns(reactivity, socialization, resource guarding, impulse control, fears, basic cues, etc.), and believes that dog training should enhance your relationship with your pooch and be fun for humans and canines alike!

My name is Vicky and I am so excited to meet you and your fur babies!


I take a force-free, strength-based approach to training, focusing on the relationship between you and your pup and celebrating all the successes you will experience along the way!


I have degrees in both Psychology and Education and although I started my career as an elementary school teacher, I have loved working with animals for as long as I can remember, from parrots to pigs and everything in between!


I began my path to dog training in 2011 when I started volunteering for HART with a special needs dog, then further enhancing my skills on the behaviour team. I really fell in love with dog training when we foster-failed our beautiful dog Lexi, who had her share of needs that required extra support (luckily our other dog TNO was already perfect!). Although I have always been an advocate, I was able to personally experience the incredible impact of positive reinforcement training on Lexi's challenges and our relationship. It wasn't long before I realized I was still a teacher at heart, applying my skills to both humans and dogs allowed both of my passions to come together.


Since then, I have worked at Glenpark Pet Hotel as their general manager and trainer, gaining experience in a wide range of behavioural challenges and learning how to best support dogs and their humans along the path to training success. I absolutely LOVE working with all dogs but fear and reactivity are very near and dear to my heart and what I enjoy working with the most.


I am now a Professional Certified Dog Trainer and the Naughty Boyz Doggy DaySchool AND Puppy PlaySchool Lead Trainer! I am so excited to be a part of the Naughty Boyz Dog Training Team and I can't wait to show you how engaging and fun positive reinforcement training can be!

vicky - naughty boyz dog trainer.jpg
Vicky Brannan (she/her), CPDT-KA, CDT, BA, B.Ed.
Certified Dog Trainer
Left: Lexi Brannan, Chief of Zoomies
Right: TNO Brannan, Chief of Playtime Safety

Barb is guardian of two lovely dogs – Ziggy the Border Collie cross rescue and Magnum the Norwegian Elkhound.  She has cared for dogs her entire life, as well as horses, cows, chickens, piglet runts (they can be trained to walk calmly on leash!), and many orphaned animals.


Barb volunteered for years with the Wildlife Rehab Society of Saskatchewan before relocating to Edmonton.  She captured, transported and cared for orphaned and injured wildlife.  The experience of dealing with panicked and fearful animals developed Barb’s sense of calm and confidence.

Several years ago Barb contacted Naughty Boyz Dog Training to assist with a newly adopted pup (Ziggy). The positive reinforcement environment produced instant results in her dog and piqued her interest in force-free training.  She enrolled in the NBDT Certified Dog Training Program and has been completely immersed in puppies and drool ever since!  Barb’s practice includes puppy socialization, real world basic manners, semi-private classes, teen socials and doggie day school.


Barb’s goal is to improve the relationship between guardians and their dogs using methods that are fun and rewarding for everyone. She is excited to be a part of the NBDT team and to have the opportunity to teach positive reinforcement techniques that will build trust with your dog and create a bond that will last a lifetime

barb - naughty boyz dog trainer.jpg
Barb Doran (she/her), CDT
Certified Dog Trainer
Max Sellsted (they/them), CDT
Certified Dog Trainer
max naughty boyz dog trainer.jpg

Max discovered the wonderful world of dog training through the Naughty Boyz Teacher Trainer program in 2020 and has been hooked ever since! They grew up fostering all sorts of dogs with all sorts of quirks, and currently splits their time between their family’s grooming salon as a groomer-in-training and hanging out with your puppies on the weekends. Max goes home to a fat cat named Puppy and is impatiently waiting for the day they can add a new dog to the Naughty Boyz pack! 


HI! My name is Marya (pronounced mar-ya).  When I was 4 years old I asked a stranger in my neighborhood (it was the 90's!) if I could walk their dog. That fondness for dogs never really went away and now I am so happy I get to work with them every single day!


I enrolled in Naughty Boyz Teacher Training Program and I am so glad I did!! Both during my time in the program, and since the completion of my teacher training and certification, I have immersed myself in every program Naughty Boyz has to offer, so that I'm able to offer my clients the most enthusiasm, support, and experience that I can!!


My weeks are filled with puppy socials, Puppy Play School, group training classes, private training sessions, and helping families find the treats and tools they need at Izzy's Place! I feel so confident now in helping Ollie get through his BIG feelings and I love helping you support your own pup on their training journey!


I love nerding out over dog facts with the families that I work with and I can't wait to meet you and all your pups!!

Marya Kutsev (she/her)
Certified Dog Trainer

Originally from the small northern community of Lac La Biche, Peyton relocated to the city of Edmonton in 2020 in pursuit of finding more opportunities for a career involving animals. Once she found NBDT she never looked back! Peyton's immeasurable love for animals was clear at a very young age, flipping through old photo albums she is often pictured with a dog by her side (even if it wasn't her own family dog!)


Her love of dogs has extended into adulthood and although she welcomes all dogs of every shape/size she holds a special place in her heart for Bully breeds.


Peyton can often be found outside of work-sharing her passion for Bully advocacy and spreading doggy knowledge. She also strives to set a positive example with her 2 American Staffordshire/Boxers Patrón and Teela Tequila. During 2021 (mid pandemic) Peyton, Patrón & T.T also welcomed their 1st litter of puppies and she was able to help hand raise each pup from birth, then later selectively place each puppy into loving furever homes.


What an amazing learning experience! Peyt's future plans include continuing to grow with Naughty Boyz and one day opening her own Bully rescue/training facility "Pits&Giggles" while also bringing dog training back to her hometown of LLB. 

peyton - naughty boyz dog trainer.jpg
Peyton Thom (she/her)
Studio Officer/Assistant Trainer
desiree naughty boyz dog trainer.jpeg

Hello everyone! My name is Desiree. I am a dog trainer here at naughty boyz, I am also a part of the doggy day school and puppy play school team. 


As a dog geek I have spent the majority of my life around dogs, working with rescues, fostering, and helping place dogs with their furever families. I adopted my very own rescue dog, Alfie. He opened up every single door that led to all things dog. I’m extremely grateful for him, he requires a little extra support and for me to stay educated in all things in the dog world. I took the teacher training program here at naughty boyz so I could be the best dog guardian to him, and to help families who want to have an amazing fulfilling training experience with their dogs as well. I'm so excited to meet all of you to show you how truly amazing force free training is. 

Desiree Quilty (she/her)
Dog Trainer
Pictured: Alfie, Ball Concierge AKA ball is life.

Govind Pillai (CPDT-KA, CDT) is the Founder, Co-Owner, and one of the Certified Professional Dog Trainers at NBDT.


He began his training in 2012 with the Edmonton Humane Society where he completed a Dog Behaviour and Training Methodology certification as well as worked as an Assistant Canine Behavourist rehabilitating dogs before they were ready to be re-homed. He also facilitated a variety of group training curriculum ranging from puppy basics and basic/intermediate/advanced manners, to dog reactivity and fearful canines rehabilitation and everything in between. After over 1000 qualified hours of training, he successfully passed his exams to become a Certified Professional Dog Trainer with the CCPDT and has never looked back. During this time he also earned a Degree in Business as well as a designation as a CPA, CMA.

Govind is the former Instructor for the Dog Behaviour and Training Methodology Program at the Edmonton Humane Society and continues to work with students today. He is a regular CBC News contributor promoting positive reinforcement to the Edmonton community and also served as an Adjudicator for the Lifeline Companion Paws Dog Therapy program.


Since beginning his work with dogs, he has worked with hundreds of families and continues to serve dogs and humans across Canada with the very best team he could ever have hoped for! Govind is also a certified Yoga & Meditation teacher and loves to bring inward reflection and calm to his sessions when he is not rolling on the floor with your pooch!! Today, there is no challenge too big or too small for him and his team and he is thrilled to share what he has learned.

govind - naughty boyz dog trainer.jpg
Govind Pillai (he/him), CPDT-KA, CDT
Co-Owner & Certified Professional Dog Trainer 
Left: Adicus Pillai, Chief of Mischievousness
Right: Supernova Pillai, Chief of Cuddles Creation  
Govind Dogs (10).jpg


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