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About Me
liz - naughty boyz dog trainer.jpg
Liz Flaming (she/her), CPDT-KA, CDT, MPH
Co-Owner & Certified Dog Trainer
Left: Fritz Flaming, Chief of "I'm Da Boss".
Right: Gary Flaming, Chief of Puppy Eye Sciences
Not pictured: Hawk, Chief of Food Swiping

Liz Flaming (CPDT-KA, CDT) is a Co-Owner of and one of the Certified Professional Dog Trainer with Naughty Boyz. She earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Public Health before turning her sights to all things dog!


She began her training in 2018 with a year-long K9 Misfits mentoring program, while supporting recently-rescued dogs as a volunteer member of Hart’s Behaviour Team. In this role, she supported both foster dogs and foster parents with concerns such as reactivity, basic cues, and resource guarding. As a foster home and dog sitter herself, she has hosted a wide range of doggy guests in her home.


Liz has taught multiple group classes, from puppy basics to leash reactivity and everything in between. Liz is a regular CBC News contributor promoting positive reinforcement to the Edmonton community and has supported the Lifeline Companion Paws Dog Therapy program through work with doggy guardians across Canada. She currently co-teaches aspiring dog trainers in the Naughty Boyz Teacher Training Academy and loves nerding out with students!


She loves working with dogs and their families in private settings to address a range of concerns (reactivity, socialization, resource guarding, confidence building, and more!), and believes that dog training should enhance your relationship with your pooch and be fun for humans and canines alike. When we support our dogs to be their happiest, most confident selves, magic can happen!

A message from Govind Pillai (CPDT-KA, CDT)

I always thought once I owned my own business I didn’t have to do the things I didn’t want to do…turns out bios still have to be written and I am not important enough to have it written for me. My name is Govind and I am a Dog Listener.

I am the founder and co-owner of Naughty Boyz Dog Training Inc. I have had the great honour of being accepted into the hearts of my four legged friends and their guardians across Canada and internationally. I take this responsibility very seriously and I can be fiercely dedicated to ensuring families have the right information in order to live a harmonious and happy life with their dogs.


I was raised by a brilliant single mother who somehow provided everything, an older sister who demonstrated true grit every day, and today I am supported by a dream team including world class trainers, incredible friends and family, my friend and teacher, Hart Lazer who injected yoga, meditation and Buddhism into my heart and my forever loving Edmonton Sangha (


I have 4 extra limbs on my body and their names are Adicus, Supernova, Sargio and Oishi. They are my everything. I was lucky to share my teenage years with my first pup and best friend, Mowgli. He had all the answers but I had not yet understood how to listen deeply. 

Having served my communities as a dog trainer (human trainer really) for over 13 years, I have the privilege of working with thousands of dog families in almost every capacity you can think of. From this experience and the help of the dream team, there are two things I have gained that I wish I could share with all families.

1. Fear cannot cure fear and fear is the source of the vast majority of unwanted behaviours in dogs.

Any "trainer" advocating for the use of pain, fear, startling your dog by throwing things, yelling random words or my all time favourite, acting like a big tough dog, in an attempt to cure reactivity/“aggression”, resource guarding/“dominance”, separation anxiety, fear of other dogs/humans/children/objects/noises/etc, and many more behaviours have greatly misunderstood this species.


The only way to cure fear is to create confidence and happiness which will in turn create a dog who understands the world is good for them and there is usually no reason to be afraid and potentially bite in the first place (and they have no reason to be afraid and tell us this through barking, lunging, growling, or biting).


Confidence leads to a dog who can make decisions on their own rather than require a human to constantly be around to tell it what to do. They are so much more capable than we have ever known and we can show you.

2. The keys to creating confidence and happiness in our dogs rests entirely on the strength of our relationship with them.


If we are to be their best friends we need two things:


First, we need to be able to communicate with them effectively. We must know how to listen to our dogs so we can provide the right level of support when they need it and are desperately asking us for our help.


Second, once the bridge of communication is built we must begin to understand how to meet our dog's needs and we will find that both dog and human can both have what they want in life, even on “loose leash” walks! The wants and needs of dogs and humans are not mutually exclusive! Far from it.

Our dogs hold the secret to profound happiness in the simplest of things. Learn how to listen to them and your life will never be the same again.

Thank you for reading and may you all have a chance to sniff some grass today...or a bum, to each their own.


govind - naughty boyz dog trainer.jpg
Govind Pillai (he/him), CPDT-KA, CDT
Co-Owner & Certified Professional Dog Trainer 
Left: Adicus Pillai, Chief of Mischievousness
Right: Supernova Pillai, Chief of Cuddles Creation  
vicky - naughty boyz dog trainer.jpg
Vicky Brannan (she/her), CPDT-KA, CDT, BA, B.Ed.
Certified Dog Trainer
Left: Lexi Brannan, Chief of Zoomies
Right: TNO Brannan, Chief of Playtime Safety

My name is Vicky and I am so excited to meet you and your fur babies!


I take a force-free, strength-based approach to training, focusing on the relationship between you and your pup and celebrating all the successes you will experience along the way!


I have degrees in both Psychology and Education and although I started my career as an elementary school teacher, I have loved working with animals for as long as I can remember, from parrots to pigs and everything in between!


I began my path to dog training in 2011 when I started volunteering for HART with a special needs dog, then further enhancing my skills on the behaviour team. I really fell in love with dog training when we foster-failed our beautiful dog Lexi, who had her share of needs that required extra support (luckily our other dog TNO was already perfect!). Although I have always been an advocate, I was able to personally experience the incredible impact of positive reinforcement training on Lexi's challenges and our relationship. It wasn't long before I realized I was still a teacher at heart, applying my skills to both humans and dogs allowed both of my passions to come together.


Since then, I have worked at Glenpark Pet Hotel as their general manager and trainer, gaining experience in a wide range of behavioural challenges and learning how to best support dogs and their humans along the path to training success. I absolutely LOVE working with all dogs but fear and reactivity are very near and dear to my heart and what I enjoy working with the most.


I am now a Professional Certified Dog Trainer and the Naughty Boyz Doggy DaySchool AND Puppy PlaySchool Lead Trainer! I am so excited to be a part of the Naughty Boyz Dog Training Team and I can't wait to show you how engaging and fun positive reinforcement training can be!

Barb is guardian of two lovely dogs – Ziggy the Border Collie cross rescue and Magnum the Norwegian Elkhound.  She has cared for dogs her entire life, as well as horses, cows, chickens, piglet runts (they can be trained to walk calmly on leash!), and many orphaned animals.


Barb volunteered for years with the Wildlife Rehab Society of Saskatchewan before relocating to Edmonton.  She captured, transported and cared for orphaned and injured wildlife.  The experience of dealing with panicked and fearful animals developed Barb’s sense of calm and confidence.

Several years ago Barb contacted Naughty Boyz Dog Training to assist with a newly adopted pup (Ziggy). The positive reinforcement environment produced instant results in her dog and piqued her interest in force-free training.  She enrolled in the NBDT Certified Dog Training Program and has been completely immersed in puppies and drool ever since!  Barb’s practice includes puppy socialization, real world basic manners, semi-private classes, teen socials and doggie day school.


Barb’s goal is to improve the relationship between guardians and their dogs using methods that are fun and rewarding for everyone. She is excited to be a part of the NBDT team and to have the opportunity to teach positive reinforcement techniques that will build trust with your dog and create a bond that will last a lifetime

barb - naughty boyz dog trainer.jpg
Barb Doran (she/her), CDT
Certified Dog Trainer
madison from naughty boyz dog training (1).jpeg
Madison Ryder (she/her)
Sniffari Guide & Digital Marketer 

Left: Lacey!!

Hi my name is Madison! I'm the Sniffari Guide for the Private Sniffaris at Naughty Boyz and I also work at Izzy's Place!


I love working with animals and have 6 of my own:  Dog: Lacey, Cats: Luna and Merlin and my 3 Goldfish: Gilly, Garet, and Ghoul, and I also volunteer at AARCS (Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society) when I can.


After getting my dog Lacey at the beginning of last year and taking her to Naughty Boyz for support for her reactivity, I learned so much and found it so interesting that I enrolled in their Teacher Training Program and fell in love with dog training and all the people here! I also have a diploma in Theatre Production from MacEwan University, am a Certified Digital Marketing Professional, and I do a lot of the marketing on Instagram for Izzy’s Place! 


I want all dogs to be able to have the same opportunities no matter their circumstances, and I understand the frustration that comes with having a reactive dog and not being able to do the same activities as other dog parents. When I worked on my first Sniffari event here I was so touched seeing all the dogs having fun in a safe space.


I love learning about all the different ways you can enrich your dog's life and aim to make training fun, enjoyable, and rewarding for you and your dog! I hope to see you around!

Hi!! My name is Dani, and I’m the newest trainer here at Naughty Boyz! In addition to co-teaching alongside the incredible trainers in both group and private sessions, I'm also working with families one on one to help them reach their training goals!!


My training journey started in the Spring 2022 Teacher Training Program where I absolutely fell in love with dog training and all the amazing NBDT families. I love exploring the magical world of confidence building techniques that make training a happy and exciting time for both you and your pups!


I'm also a student at the University of Alberta taking a Bachelor of Science in Animal Health. I'm super passionate about learning the science behind 100% positive reinforcement training and dog behaviour, and am currently working towards my CPDT-KA certification!

Animals have always been one of the best parts of my life and I grew up loving them all; cats, dogs, goats, horses- you name it, I absolutely love learning all about them! Right now, I get to go home to a superstar cat named Cricket and a cilantro-loving guinea pig named Morrisey! I can’t wait to meet you and your amazing pups! 

Dani from naughty boyz dog training profile photo.jpeg
Dani Fisher
Dog Trainer
Bethany Smith NBDT profile photo.jpg

Hi!! My name is Bethany, and I'm a dog training student with NBDT. When I'm not working as a mental health nurse, you'll find me behind the counter at Izzy's Place, guiding private Sniffaris, or shadowing our amazing trainer's sessions.


I reached out to Naughty Boyz for extra support with my first pup, Pepper, and instantly fell in love with positive reinforcement training. I couldn't wait to learn more, and jumped at the opportunity to enroll in the Teacher Training Program!


I aspire to create a safe, positive space for all dogs and humans, while supporting families to improve their pup's happiness, confidence, and well-being.

Bethany Smith (she/her) - RN, MN
Left: Pepper
Not Pictured: Ella


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