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Certified Dog Trainer

Accepting new clients

Hello, I am Barb Doran, a Certified Dog Trainer (CDT) with NaughtyBoyz Dog Training and a member of the Pet
Professional Guild. I am also certifiably dog crazy!! I love learning about dog behavior, their enrichment
needs, and the way they learn, and sharing that information with my clients. I practice my techniques on
my 14 month old “pup” Mojo and my 5 year old “perfectly imperfect” girl Ziggy! I love that dogs are like
humans, in that we all have our idiosyncrasies!

I am an advocate for all dogs and the force-free, positive reinforcement ideology. I have helped
hundreds of humans build better relationships with their four-legged friends, from new puppies to senior dogs.

I have developed plans from basic cues & puppy training to confidence building for dogs with severe fears. I have 

extensive experience customizing private sessions to address human/dog reactivity, resource guarding, leash reactivity, 

and integration of new dogs and babies into the family. My experience includes teaching the 3 levels of our Naughty and Nice training series, 

Leash Reactivity, Urban Agility, Happy Leash and Reactivity & Fear Rehabilitation Classes.


My practice is based on compassion and respect for people and dogs, using science based evidence,
training methods gained from respected world-renowned trainers and my ongoing education. My goal is to support humans 

and dogs so they can confidently navigate our world together.   Working together, we can improve the quality of life for you and your dog.

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