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Home/Outdoor and Virtual Support for You and Your Dog

Pricing & Packages for Dog Training Services in Edmonton and Surrounding Areas, and Virtual Dog Training Worldwide

1/2 Hour Phone Consultation

Not Sure How to Help Your Pup?

$35+ GST for 1/2 Hour Consult

Not sure which of our packages is right for you? Need someone to talk to like...right now(!) for support and guidance? A 1/2 hour phone consultation with on of our Naughty Boyz expert senior trainers is for you!

During your consultation, you'll have the opportunity to talk through the concerns you're having with your pup, ask questions you may have about our force-free training methods and professional experience, and understand how we'll be working with you in your home environment to meet your goals. Our job is to ensure that you leave our phone consultations understanding who we are, how we can help, and what to expect out of a training plan when working together. In every phone consult, we take the information you share with us and ensure you are connected with the best trainer and right number of sessions to set your family up for success. We can't wait to speak with you! 

Custom designed packages for each unique family.

Training packages are custom-designed to meet the unique needs of each family served. Our packages ensure that we match you with the right trainer, for the right number of sessions to set your family up for success, whether you are looking for support with challenging behavioural concerns, recently welcomed a new puppy into your home, or are working on strengthening cues and life skills.

We are passionate advocates for force-free, ethical treatment of all canine and human learners, offering professional dog training services in Edmonton and the surrounding areas.


This means that we strive to honour the needs and choices of our canine companions in our work together and do not use any tools or techniques that use fear or pain including prong, choke, or shock collars, yelling, hitting, throwing things, or leash corrections.

The comfort and well-being of our human learners are highly valued and we work with you to find solutions your concerns.

Packages & Pricing

Essentials Package

Our Essentials Package provides the in-depth support and guidance you need whether you've recently welcomed a new puppy into your home or you're looking to brush up on life-skills like recall, leash walking, or building calm greetings with guests with your dog.

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Essentials Package
3, One-Hour Sessions

Package Total: $525+

Essentals Package

Packages & Pricing


Base Program
4, One-Hour Sessions

For dogs who experience:

  • Mild reactivity/over-excitability or frustration

  • Mild reactivity to 1 trigger (e.g. dogs on leash)

  • Mild uncertainties to 1 or 2 specific scenarios (e.g. people with hats)

  • Fear, uncertainty, or reactivity at the vet

  • Fear, uncertainty, or reactivity at the groomer

Package Total: $700+

Comprehensive Program
6, One-Hour Sessions

For dogs who experience:

  • Moderate to severe reactivity/aggression

  • Reactivity to multiple triggers (e.g. humans and dogs)

  • Bite history

  • Extreme fear/shut down behaviour

  • General anxiety

  • Over-arousal

  • History of punishment-based training

Package Total: $1,025+

Behaviour Modificaton
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Behaviour Modification - Separation Anxiety
4 Weeks

Package Total: $650+

Packages & Pricing

Behaviour Modification - Separation Anxiety

For pups who struggle to be left alone or to be away from a specific human(s). These pups may bark, howl, destroy objects in the home, scratch doors, harm themselves, pant, or pace when left alone/away from a specific human(s).

  • 60 minute, VIRTUAL in-depth assessment

  • Daily training plan creation (5 day week)

  • Daily support and feedback

  • An entire team of experts with eyes on your case

Behaviour Package - Separation Anxiety
Husky Handshake
Lunch and Learn

Corporate Lunch & Learn

Naughty Boyz Dog Training is pleased to announce our interactive Lunch and Learn events, where you can learn some new skills, have your dog training questions answered, and enjoy a fun, action packed break in the middle of your workday!

Why Choose Us?

Comprehensive. Committed. Customized.

Over 4000 families helped since our inception.

Work with all breeds, ages and behaviours.

Helping international, national, and local families including members of Edmonton's most prominent sports teams.

At the forefront of force free, consent-based training by updating our techniques to stay up-to-date with the latest research and findings.

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