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Dog in a Box


  • Do you have experience working with my breed?
    In our experience, although breed can and does absolutely impact specific behaviours and inform the desires of your dog (for example, a border collie is probably going to herd or chase moving objects), learning theory and how dogs learn is consistent across breeds. We take breed into account as we gather information about your dog and think about how it may influence behaviour and we absolutely ensure that your pup's needs are met (let that bloodhound sniff!), AND we know that force-free techniques are appropriate and successful with all breeds and behaviours.
  • Do you only train puppies?
    No - our trainers have experience working with all ages, breeds, sizes, and temperaments, from just a few months old up to senior dogs.
  • Do you have experience with reactive dogs?
    Yes - our trainers have extensive experience supporting dogs who have large reactions to other dogs, humans, bikes, cars, animals while out in the world, on leash, or in the home. Reactive behaviours can be influenced by multiple factors: fear, frustration, resource guarding, prey drive, genetics, health status, or a combination of the above. Our behaviour change plans take into account all aspects of their life and provide you with strategies to ensure their needs are being met, they have the skills to cope with stressors in their world, and to start to change their mind about the things that cause them to react in the first place.
  • My dog bit another dog/human, can you help?
    Absolutely! Our senior trainers have worked with countless families with bite histories whether to other dogs and/or humans. We know how scary, frustrating, and sad it can be when your dog bites another animal or human, and we’re here to support you through this challenging time. We have the experience and knowledge to support you to keep your dog and others safe and create a behaviour change plan with you to prevent an incident from occurring again in the future.
  • What does force free mean?
    Force-free means that we never use any sort of pain, fear, or intimidation in our training set-ups or techniques. Not only is pain/fear/force unnecessary for behaviour change, its use can lead to dangerous and negative consequences down the road. The latest behaviour science confirms that positive reinforcement techniques are effective to support all dogs and behaviours while preserving your relationship with your dog and their comfort and safety. Force-free training also places an emphasis on the holistic welfare of your dog - we aim not only to teach specific behaviours, but to help you gain a better understanding of your dog and learn how to support them in all aspects of their life with you.
  • Do you guarantee results?
    Unfortunately, we’re unable to guarantee results as there are too many factors that can determine the outcome that are outside of our control, both inside and outside of your home. Our trainers will give you the tools needed to achieve your goals and may recommend the addition of more sessions or outside services such as veterinary care, but the best way to achieve a successful outcome is to ensure that all family members are committed, consistent, and continue to practice and positively reinforce the desired behaviour(s) each day.
  • What if I need more sessions after my initial package?
    Once you’ve completed your training package you can book one or more sessions as needed at our single session rate.
  • How much experience do your trainers have?
    Since Naughty Boyz Dog Training was first launched in 2018, we have served thousands of families in and around the Edmonton area and abroad through virtual training. Our certified trainers have all completed extensive training and have logged countless hours learning, teaching, and continuously honing their skills to keep up to date with the latest science-based, force free, positive reinforcement training techniques. A few of our trainers are multi-certified and all of our trainers engage in ongoing professional development. Our Naughty Boyz Dog Trainer Academy continues to provide education and experience to students interested in pursuing a career working with dogs or looking to advance their skills to enhance the relationship with their own pups, and you’ll often see our students shadowing at our training sessions. Because we are always eager to learn more you may also get lucky and have more than one of our certified trainers at your sessions!
  • Can I request a particular trainer?
    If you have a trainer that you’ve worked with before, have seen on our website, or that has been recommended by a friend, we’ll do our best to book them for your sessions. In the event that the desired trainer doesn’t have availability within a reasonable time frame or doesn’t work hours that fit within your schedule we may recommend an alternate trainer, but if you would prefer to wait we can accommodate you and your pup!
  • How can I register, and how often are my sessions going to be?
    Booking is done via email, and we accept payment through e-transfer or by credit card. Our sessions are spaced a minimum of two weeks apart to give you time to practice what you’ve learned in between, and if you’re interested in booking, we ask that all families start by completing our Training Intake Form. From there we will contact you with some appointment times that work with your unique schedule, and we look forward to hearing from you!
  • Which methods of payment do you take and can I pay in instalments?
    Our preferred method of payment is e-transfer but we also accept most major credit cards with a small additional processing fee. We’re happy to work with all families to break down the cost of our training packages over several interest-free payments, to ensure our services remain accessible to everyone.
  • Can I speak with someone before I register?
    Yes! We’d love to chat with you about our training methods, what your sessions might look like, what you can expect when working with Naughty Boyz Dog Training, our level of experience, and the best way to set your family up for success! One of our senior trainers will be happy to give you a call to answer your questions about our services and please email us to book our next available appointment time!
  • What if I don’t want to book training but just want some advice?
    We offer a ½ hour phone consult with a trainer to discuss any concerns you may have with your pup(s) and we may be able to provide some tips on how to manage the behaviours. Depending on your unique circumstances and your comfort level to attempt training on your own, we may recommend booking one of our training packages or refer you to another service that we feel may help such as a vet. The cost for this service is $36.75 including GST, and please email us to book!
  • Where are you located?
    Naughty Boyz Dog Training is proud to provide professional, in home dog training services in and around the Edmonton area, including Bon Accord, Devon, Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc, Sherwood Park, and St. Albert. We also offer in studio training sessions, and we have a dedicated training studio inside Global Pet Foods on Whyte, located at 7904 104 St. *Please note that not all types of behaviours are suitable for studio sessions, and once we hear from you we can determine which option works best for your family. Travel charges may apply outside the City of Edmonton, and for those who live outside of our training area we offer Virtual Training via Zoom. We have successfully worked with dozens of families who live outside of our beautiful city, province, and country!
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