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Naughty Boyz
Dog Training

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Creators of Joy Between Humans and their Pups!

We are a crew of passionate, outspoken, and skilled dog and human coaches who love what we do. Our goal is to help you create a happier life with your dog by working with you to support your pup with whatever their training journey may look like.

Quick Facts

Experienced, Comprehensive in Skill & Training

Over 4000 families helped since our inception.

Helped with families locally, nationally, and internationally, including members of Edmonton's most prominent sports teams.

Work with all breeds, ages and behaviours.

A premier Teaching Academy where students learn both in a classroom setting and out in the real world. Many of our sessions have student trainers in attendance!

At the forefront of force free, consent-based training. We are constantly updating our techniques to stay up-to-date with the latest research and findings.

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Naughty Boyz Dog Training is deeply committed to using force-free training techniques and are proud members of the Alberta Force Free Alliance. We believe passionately that positive reinforcement techniques are the most ethical, the most effective, and the most FUN for all dogs and humans, regardless of size, breed, or behavioural concern.

We aim to create loving and fulfilling relationships between dogs and their humans, and help our dogs learn the skills they need to live successfully in our human world. We do this by taking a holistic approach to learning, considering all aspects of our dog's lives and how they impact behaviour. We work with you in your home environment as we believe the most effective learning happens in the environment where you and your dog live and play.

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