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Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant 

Professional Dog & Human Trainer

Govind Pillai is a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant with the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants, a former CPA, CMA and the founder of Naughty Boyz Dog Training Inc. Govind has extensive experience over the past 14 years working with the majority of breeds, sizes, and behavioural challenges under the sun. 

He specializes in helping his families better understand their dog's experiences so they may work together in overcoming fearful behaviours. These include all fear based behaviours such as: fear of humans, fear of dogs, aggression, resource guarding, separation anxiety, and more. He considers himself to be a human and dog trainer and emphasizes teaching his humans just as much as his dogs. 

Govind’s dog training journey started at the Edmonton Humane Society in 2010 where he began as a volunteer, then completed their one year dog training program and gradually began to teach both group and private classes. He then returned to the EHS in 2017 to teach the dog behaviour and training methodology program. Govind is also a former therapy dog examiner and a certified therapy team with his pup, Supernova through St. John Ambulance. 


Govind's obsession and love of the species and the work results ina constant evolution of techniques and delivery methods to his families. Govind has worked with thousands of families and today, there is no challenge too big or small for he and his world class team. 


Govind spends his leisure time on his meditation cushion, his yoga mat, attempting to complete a Bob Ross painting, golfing, boxing or buried in the mountains with his littles, Adicus, Supernova, Sargio and Oishi. 

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