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Professional Dog Trainer

Currently unable to accept new clients

Govind is a certified professional dog trainer and the founder of Naughty Boyz Dog Training Inc. Govind has extensive experience over the past 14 years working with nearlyevery breed of dog, big or small, from puppies to seniors and everything in between. 


Govind specializes in successfully rehabilitating dogs with challenging behaviours like barking, growling, and pulling on leash, resource guarding, aggression and aggressive behaviours, and fear, phobias, and trauma. Govind is passionate about using only the most effective, humane, modern force free approaches to training and is proud to be a part of the Alberta Force Free Alliance. 


Govind’s dog training journey started at the Edmonton Humane Society in 2012 where he taught group classes and private sessions, then in 2017, the behaviour methodology program. Govind is also a therapy dog examiner and a certified therapy team with his pup, Supernova. 


Govind ensures that he keeps up-to-date with all of the most effective, humane training methods because dog and human families deserve the very best. Govind has worked with over 2,500 families and today, there is no challenge too big or small for him. 


Govind spends his leisure time practicing meditation in the Plum Village tradition, teaching yoga, playing tennis and golf, or buried in the mountains with his littles, Adicus, Supernova, and Sargio. 

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