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Owner, Head Trainer

Professional Dog Trainer


Govind is the founder, co-owner and certified professional dog trainer at Naughty Boyz Dog Training Inc. Since he could crawl, he found a natural cohesion with the canine species. He was joined by his first pup, Mowgli, when he 13 and today he could not imagine a life without his littles, Adicus, Supernova, Sargio and Oishi. 


Govind earned an accounting designation as a CPA, CMA in 2014. After three years in the private and non-profit sector two things were clear. Something was missing in his life and working with animals was his favourite part of the week. 


In 2018,  after spending what felt like a lifetime seeking out a purpose in life, Govind began Naughty Boyz Dog Training. He travelled to his families homes at all hours in his 2003 Honda Civic. He was driven by a belief that his community yearned for training techniques that did not involve the use of pain, fear or forceful tactics that often leave us feeling wrong for using them in the first place. He believed then as he does now that we can do better and we must do better. 


Govind has spent the last 14 years working with dogs across Canada in several capacities. In 2012 he worked for the Edmonton Humane Society facilitating a variety of group classes and private training sessions. He completed the dog training and behaviour methodology program and 5 years later began teaching the program in 2017. Govind earned his designation as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer in 2016 and said good bye to accounting forever. No tears here. 


Govind has spent the last decade and a half working with a wide spectrum of behavioural challenges that his families face. Whether bringing a new puppy or rescue home or dealing with some of the most severe levels of fear, reactivity and trauma, Govind has seen many aspects of dog and human behaviour. You will often hear him say, “Dogs are simple, humans are vastly complicated”. He believes we are human trainers first and dog trainers second and dedicates his life to training humans to understand what dogs really are. Life is often much easier than his humans realize. 


Today Govind  is surrounded by a world class team and is fuelled by a vision to educate families to either rehabilitate their situation or prevent challenges from arising in the first place. There is no challenge too small or large for his team. NBDT is here to shine light on the truth about dogs and dog training. Television trainers have muddied the waters with information that could not be further from the truth and each time NBDT has the opportunity to teach their families how to reach a harmonious and full life with their dogs, it is simply the most motivating factor there is. NBDT brings hope where hope is lost, wisdom where there is confusion and guidance in a world where finding the right information is next to impossible. Govind is proud to have his family's backs and he is grateful to have found a path that has brought so much meaning to his life. 


Govind spends his leisure time investing in his meditation practice in the Plum Village tradition, teaching yoga, playing tennis and golf or buried in the mountains with his littles. 

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