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Supporting All Dogs in Living Their Happiest Lives

Certified, Professional Dog Training in Edmonton and Surrounding Areas

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SMALL GROUP PUPPY CLASSES ARE BACK! Thursday classes are now full, registration is open for Saturday classes starting October 28th to November 18th, from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.. Learn More!

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What's New?

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Small group classes are back!!! Registration is open for classes on Thursday evenings, October 05 to 26th! Email us to book today! 


Force-Free and 
Ethical Training

Naughty Boyz Dog Training is passionate about providing force-free and ethical training to our families. All training services are always 100% force-free and consent-based.


Each package provides your family with knowledge and support from a professional team of experienced dog trainers, in and around the Edmonton area. Find a package that suits you and your pup best!

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In-depth support and guidance with new puppies or for those looking to brush up on skills.

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These customized packages honour your dogs as an individual and the nature of behaviour that is multi-faceted, complex, and deep-rooted.

1/2 Hour Phone Consultations

$35+ GST for 1/2 Hour Consultation

Not sure which package is right for you? Need someone to talk to like...right now(!) for support and guidance? A 1/2 Hour phone consult with one of our Naughty Boyz expert senior trainers is for you!

You'll get the opportunity to talk through the concerns you're having with your pup, ask questions you may have about our force-free training methods and professional experience, and understand how we'll be working with you in your home environment to meet your goals.

Our job is to ensure that you leave our phone consultations understanding who we are, how we can help, and what to expect out of a training plan when working together. In every phone consult, we take the information you share with us and ensure you're connected with the best trainer and right number of sessions to set your family up for success. We can't wait to speak to you!!

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Dogs and their guardians looking for dog training services in the Edmonton area, deserve the very best!

We passionately believe in using only force-free training techniques, which have proven to be the most effective, most ethical, most evidence-based, and the most FUN for ALL dogs, regardless of size, breed, or behavioural concerns.

Why Naughty Boyz

Experienced and Comprehensive in Skill & Training

Over 4000 families helped since our inception.

Helped with families locally, nationally, and internationally, including members of Edmonton's most prominent sports teams.

Work with all breeds, ages and behaviours.

A Premier Teaching Academy where students learn both in a classroom setting and out in the real world. Many of our sessions have student trainers in attendance!

At the forefront of force free, consent-based training. We are constantly updating our techniques to stay up-to-date with the latest research and findings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We have answers!


What Naughty Boyz & Girlz are Saying

Lisa Pouteaux

"10/10. Our experience with Govind and staff has been wonderful. He’s been a great support with my new puppy and teaching me positive reinforcement and training vs my old school knowledge of “I’m the boss!!” My 12 week old Cane Corso puppy is doing so well because of G and Naughty Boys! We are constantly complimented on puppy’s behaviour! Couldn’t recommend NBDT more!"

Dog Trainer Academy

Interested in a Career Working with Dogs?

The Naughty Boyz Dog Training (NBDT) Dog Trainer Academy program provides an intensive education on dog behaviour and training methods and is open to anyone interested in a career with dogs, doggie parents who want to ensure they are being the best guardians possible, and those who wish to expand their knowledge about dogs and dog behaviour.

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