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**In-Studio Private AND SEMI-PRIVATE Sessions Now Available **


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Positive reinforcement training like you've never experienced before!!

New programs available NOW!!!

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After many brainstorming sessions and working with community feedback, we have come up with NEW programs that work within protocols of the current climate while allowing us to continue providing as ENGAGING, EFFECTIVE, and FUN training opportunities as possible for you and your pups.

Check these out! we hope you are as excited as we are!!



New Programs!!!


You asked and we answered! We will be opening up all of your favourite classes, offered as 4 one-hour sessions over 4 weeks to two families per class, in our large gym with an instructor. This allows us to offer group-class material and benefits while maintaining proper social distancing, with the added benefits of small class sizes for more one-on-one time with a trainer and lower cost than private sessions!

***Semi-Private classes are amazing for a variety of reasons: 
-When appropriate, we can socialize puppies together and with other humans! 
-Train in a more stimulating and real world environment
-Customized curriculum for your families specific needs 
-4, one-hour semi-private sessions included 
-Tons of one-on-one time with your instructor! 
-An entire gym to practice in with all of the most fun equipment 



The cost for the group of 4 hour-long semi private classes is $350 plus GST for a TOTAL of $367.50.

We are currently offering the following (as groups of 4 one-hour classes over 4 weeks): 

  1. Leash Reactivity Level 1 (No prerequisites): For dogs who may be struggling with a fear or anxiety surrounding interactions with other humans or dogs, this class is designed to build confidence within those interactions.  Our goal is to reduce the stress and anxiety of both our canine friends, as well as their humans, which will ultimately allow for a much more inclusive lifestyle and enhance their quality of life! ** Monday and Wednesday evenings

  2. Puppy Basics and Socialization (No prerequisites): For pups 6 months and under! Basic cues, confidence building, and socialization, all designed to help YOU and your puppy succeed, both at home and out in the world! ** Tuesday and Thursday evenings

  3. Real World Basic Manners (No prerequisites): For dogs 6 months and up! Basic cues, confidence building, and socialization, all designed to help YOU and your dog succeed, both at home and out in the world!  ** Sunday mornings

  4. Urban Agility Level 1 (Prerequisites are PUPPY BASICS OR REAL WORLD BASIC MANNERS): Confidence building, mental stimulation, physical exercise for the whole fam! NON-COMPETITIVE will learn handling techniques, jumps, tunnels, dog walks, A-frames, tons of FUN, and more! ** Saturday mornings

  5. Puppy Agility Level 1 Semi Private Training Class! (No prerequisites) Puppies 6 months or younger. Confidence building, mental stimulation, and physical exercise in a NON-COMPETITIVE environment, where we will explore an introduction to handling techniques, jumps, tunnels, dog walks, A-frames, have tons of FUN and more! Eligibility: Puppies who will be approximately 3-5 months and who have received their second round of vaccinations before the first class. ** Saturday mornings

Fergus & Friends PUPPY and TEEN SOCIALS

Socialization is essential to ensure that your puppy has amazing experiences with the world and to build a confident pup! Check out our teen and puppy socialization group options and let the fun begin!


To get started, simply contact us using the form below! Understanding your dogs behaviours and what can be done is a tricky subject. Why does my dog do what he does? Can ...
30 Minute Phone Consultation
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Keep An Eye Out for these NEW SERVICES COMING SOON:

(email us for more details)

  • Canine Rehabilitation centre! Coming 2022!

  • Guided Meditation Classes

  • Dog Park Preparation Program

in the meantime Check, out our SERVICES PAGE or Call us for a consultation on what's up for YOUR puppy family!


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