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Private Sniffari Program!

At Naughty Boyz, we firmly believe in the power of enrichment and play to support our dogs in living their best lives. We ALSO believe that enrichment and play should be readily available to all dogs, regardless of any behavioural concerns like reactivity or fear. We are proud to now offer Private Sniffari Adventures for you and your pup based on your schedule and availability!

“Sniffari”: noun: A dog-directed sniffing adventure where they are free to move in any and all directions, free to sniff and explore a space freely, and encouraged to enjoy hidden treats among a variety of new objects.


Benefits include: Stress reduction, mental stimulation, ability to engage in species-specific behaviour like sniffing and scavenging, bonding activity with their guardian, gain confidence in a new space, and of course, FUN!

What's included in your booking

A customized 45 minute booking that includes the following:

  • Indoor sniffari adventure including 30g of bulk beef liver
    (let us know if there are allergy concerns and we are happy to accommodate!)

  • Access to play on and experience agility equipment

  • Support from a NBDT staff member (we are happy to adjust this for pups nervous around humans, need space, etc)

  • Private VIP shopping experience at Izzy’s Place upon completion of the sniffari

  • Doggy photobooth!

Sniffari Cost:

$50 +GST (additional $20 for each dog from the same family)

Email Darcie at to book!


In your email, please include your availability and she will let you know our next available Sniffari session time!!

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