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Our Training Philosophy

At Naughty Boyz Dog Training, we believe that our dogs and their human guardians deserve the very best. We are 100% committed to force-free training techniques and are proud members of the Alberta Force Free Alliance. We believe passionately that positive reinforcement techniques are the most ethical, the most effective and evidence-based, and the most FUN for all dogs, regardless of size, breed, or behavioural concern.


We aim to create loving and fulfilling relationships between dogs and their humans, and help our dogs learn the skills they need to live successfully in our human world.


We can't wait to join you on your journey with your pup! Let's get this party started!

Our Training Process

We like to think that when we are training with our dogs, we are teaching them a new language - the human language! Just like us when we learn a new language, when dogs are learning "human",  they need consistency, time, and practice. 


This is why we structure our private training sessions as hour-long visits with your pup, the trainer and you. In this hour, we will work on several techniques with your dog, and ensure that you get lots of time to practice, too. At the end of each session, you should walk away feeling confident and excited to practice at home with your pup. Techniques learned in each session should be practiced at home between meetings to ensure your dog gets lots of practice and is able to progress. Don't worry - we won't leave you hanging in-between visits - you can always email us and ask questions, too!


At each subsequent session, we will go over your homework from the previous week, and progress from there. Our goal is that you and your dog are having an equal amount of fun in each hour we spend together! We structure each training session and plan to fit the individual needs of your pup and are happy to tweak, adjust, and change up as needed - this is all part of the training journey!

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