These Amazing NBDT Pups Are Looking for Loving Homes!

Here at Naughty Boyz Dog Training, we understand that sometimes dogs require rehoming, due to a HUGE variety of reasons. We know this is never an easy thing to do, and our intention with this page is to provide an avenue to help families find the right fit for their four-legged loved one and avoid further overwhelming the rescue organizations in the community.
Please contact us at for inquires about any of these fantastic friends!
1 year old pitty cross who just gosh darn LOVES LIFE!! :D


  • Name: Alfie, aka Alfster, aka Mister SmileyPants!

  • Breed: Pitty cross

  • Age: 1 year (approx. dob July 1, 2019)

  • Energy Level: High

  • Good with humans: LOVES HUMANS!!

  • Good with other dogs: No – needs a home with

       no other pets

  • Good with cats: No

  • Good with kids: untested but we highly suspect

       that the answer is yes!

  • Enjoys food: Definitely a foodie!

  • Enjoys cuddles: Has not quite figured out how to get all his limbs into cuddle position at the same time yet… but he loves to try and will get the hang of it soon!

Alfie is a sweet, intelligent, happy-go-lucky goofball that will never cease to make you laugh, marvel at his intelligence and resilience, and remind you that life is FUN!!!


We can see that Alfie has traveled a tough road in his past by the scars he carries on his body. It is also clear that in his time before rescue, he had very little opportunity for socialization with other dogs or exposure to different things in the world. As a result, now that he has the opportunity to experience loving humans (like you!) he is SO excited to spend time with people, play, and experience everything the world has to offer! He is super curious about new things (except sometimes very loud things like vacuums can be scary). However, seeing other dogs at close range can be too much for him at this time, and Alfie needs a home where he can be the star of the show.

            Since the beginning of September, Alfie has been hard at work learning all kinds of things about being a dog in a human world, and he is crushing it! With a 100% positive reinforcement training approach, Alfie is INCREDIBLY focused and responsive, and a super fast learner! He completed a 6-week basic manners group class with flying colours, as well as working on a variety of other tools at home such as impulse-control, fetch, controlled play, house-training, crate-training, grooming, bonding, and a heavy focus on desensitization and counter-conditioning to various stimuli while out-and-about. He is currently enrolled in a basic agility group class.

            We have learned that he loves people, training, walks, playtime, his crate, couch naps, and above everything else in the world: BALL!!!! Alfie loves ball. He will play fetch longer than you can throw the ball, 50 times a day if you let him! He would be best suited to a home with a good sized yard so he can get out and have a game of fetch a few times a day in addition to his walks.

            Alfie is looking for a home that will continue working on positive-reinforcement based training with him, as he is just getting started! He is looking for a family that understands he is best as an only dog right now, and will need continued work on building positive associations and socialization with other dogs going forward.

Please contact Govind at if you think Mister Alfers sounds like a good fit for you!

He is SO EXCITED to meet you!!!!



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