Private OUTDOOR Training Sessions

Private sessions in the beauty and safety of the great-outdoors!

  • $299/ 3 session pack
  • Outdoors near your home, or outdoors at our studio

Service Description

Three one hour training sessions are facilitated either outdoors near your home or outdoors in our studio parking lot! We will create a fully customized training plan for you and your dog. You can look forward to learning new techniques, practicing those techniques, and having plenty of time to answer questions and become educated on what is exactly going on in that doggy brain to help inform our training plan! This is a great option if you want to work on leash walking skills, reactivity, or generalizing cues in new environments! Your trainer will demonstrate techniques with their pup and you will work with yours. As always, email support is available between each session for all of your questions, concerns, and of course, cute pictures! To get started, simply contact us using the form below! Price outdoors at your home: $450/3 session package Price outdoors at our studio: $299/3 session package

Contact Details

+1 5874140310

5809 Gateway Blvd NW, Edmonton, AB T6H 2H3, Canada