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Naughty Boyz Puppy Play School is a new program we are offering that is ALL about puppy play! This program is best suited for pups up to one year old but all social dogs are welcome regardless of age, size or breed, and dogs are grouped according to size, play style, and temperament!!


We developed this program based on new research that highlights the importance of play for brain development, confidence building, socialization, happiness, curiosity, and overall mental health! While Puppy Play School emphasizes play, we also know how important it is for puppies to engage in various types of enrichment activities and crate-free REST! Our exceptional, one of a kind program is structured to meet all of the above needs to ensure your puppies are getting the benefits of play and mental stimulation while providing opportunities to rest and avoid overstimulation! 


How is it different from Doggy Day School?

Our program offers individual support for each pup, and while Doggy Day School focuses on curriculum (basic cues, reactivity, etc), the focus of Puppy Play School is more on healthy puppy play and socialization. 


How is it different from daycare?

At Puppy Play School, pups will spend most of their time playing, but we also ensure the best possible experience by including not only puppy play but play with humans, toys, sniffaris, and enrichment stations. Our framework supports the following benefits:


  • Impulse control

  • Self-regulation

  • Resource guardian prevention

  • A more comprehensive and robust socialization experience

  • And of course, confidence building!!!!


** Your pup will not spend any time in a crate UNLESS we are working on crate training as a part of a DDS add on option (see below) that you have identified as a training goal.


My puppy is already confident! Would they benefit from Puppy Play School?

YES! Also, GREAT job in supporting your pup in their confidence building! Confident pups can absolutely benefit from Puppy Play School! Puppies are always learning and just like human children, providing them with enriching experiences will continue to support that confidence and overall well being!


My puppy is quite shy, can they come to Puppy Play School?

Heck yes! We have a very high trainer to puppy ratio to provide individual support to each puppy. We also structure our playgroups based on the puppies present and what they are comfortable with. We strive to set EACH puppy up for success by providing them with what they need to enjoy their Puppy Play School experience. This is a great program for shy puppies as they will receive the support and experiences they need to aid in their confidence building with other puppies, humans, environments, new experiences, and new objects!


I'm not sure if my puppy is a good fit for Puppy Play School.

No problem!!! As a prerequisite to joining our program, we ask that you register for one of our Fergus and Friends puppy socials so we can meet your pup and assess whether the Puppy Play School program would be a good fit for your puppy! If it isn't, we would be happy to suggest an alternative program to best support them!


Can we enroll in both Puppy PlaySchool and Doggy DaySchool?

YES! These programs are complimentary but not mutually exclusive. We are also now offering a DDS add on option to our Puppy PlaySchool program!


What is a DaySchool add on??

If your pup is better suited for PPS than DDS but there are some additional things you would like to work on with your pup such as basic cues, crate training, excitement when greeting humans or dogs, confidence building etc, you can opt into the DDS add on which provides your pup with 15 mins of one on one time with one of our trainers during the PPS day to address your training goals. Video will be taken of these activities and attached to your pup's PPS Report Card so you can continue their training at home! The cost of this add on is $20 per PPS day.


What are the hours?

Puppy Play School will be running on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM (AM session), 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM (PM session) , or the full day option of 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM.


**NOTE that not all pups may be successful with a full day. Your pups' enjoyment and experience is our highest priority so if they would not be suited for the full day option, we encourage you to take advantage of our morning or afternoon sessions!


We offer flexible drop off and pick up times, and please email us for rates or to learn more!!


How do I register??

Send us an email and let us know you would like to enroll in our amazing program and your preference for day(s) of the week! We will require your pup to attend at least one Fergus and Friends Puppy Social to allow us to assess what your pup's needs are and how we can best support them in Puppy Play School!

Raise the Woof
(4 Sessions)

Half Day (am OR pm)

$200 +GST ($50/Session)

Ulti-Mutt Playtime
(8 Sessions)

$360 +GST ($45/Session)

Full Day

$400 +GST ($100/Session)

$720 +GST ($90/Session)

Please note that all puppies must have a minimum of their second round of vaccinations including Bordetella prior to entering our training studio, and older canines must be current on their shots! ***Proof of vaccination is required to register!***