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SCHOOL IS IN SESSION! The Naughty Boyz Private Doggy Day School is excited to welcome all of our waggy and furry students to class! We embrace all ages, sizes, shapes, and breeds of doggy students with a variety of behavioural and learning needs, and each student enrolled in the Day School will receive their own individualized curriculum designed with you, by one of our 5-star trainers!


Each time your pup comes to school, our Paw-fessors will work intensively with your pup on agreed upon goals, whether it's to rehabilitate fears and reactivity, build confidence, or mentally and physically stimulate, the possibilities and fun are endless!!


We are not a daycare - we are an intensive day training program! We believe that each dog can achieve their highest potential through consistent, ongoing training, and our Board and Train Day School can help get you there!  Please check out our Google reviews to hear from hundreds of satisfied families who know that training can change the game! 


A note about our methods:

At Naughty Boyz Dog Training, we believe that our dogs and their human guardians deserve the very best. We are 100% committed to force-free training techniques and are proud members of the Alberta Force Free Alliance. We believe passionately that positive reinforcement techniques are the most ethical, the most effective and evidence-based, and the most FUN for all dogs, regardless of size, breed, or behavioural concern.


Training tools we use in our Day School are:

  • Long lines

  • Leashes 

  • Harnesses

  • Kongs

  • Interactive Feeders

  • Treats

  • Flirt Poles

  • Toys

  • Crates (for relaxation time and only if your dog is crate trained).


Training tools we will never use in our Day School (or any of our training!):

  • Choke Collars,

  • Prong Collars,

  • Shock Collars,

  • High-Pitched or Loud Noises,

  • Spray Bottles

  • Physical Restraint

Register for the days you'd like to bring your pup to school, and let the learning and fun begin! Connect with our amazing admin team, and they will work with you to schedule your pup for Day School.


From the moment you drop your pup off to the moment you pick them up, you can be assured that they will be spending their time learning and having fun with our highly qualified dog trainers! With an extremely low dog to trainer ratio (at the most 3:1), your pup will spend their time with us working on their learning plan plus engage in mental stimulation and relaxation activities when they need a break.


At the end of each day, you will receive an electronic "report card" for your pup as well as a personalized (and PRIVATE) YouTube link to show you everything we worked on with your pup that day and your pup in action so you can continue training at home! 


School is in session on....

Tuesday and Thursday mornings

  • Drop off: 9:00 AM

  • Pick up: 12:00 PM


Packages and Pricing

4 Week Program

(Book 1 or 2 Days
a Week)

6 Week Program
(Book 1 or 2 Days
a Week)

$150/day +GST

$137.50/day +GST

8 Week+ Program
(Book 1 or 2 Days
a Week)

$125/day +GST

*25% discount for each additional pup from the same household!

***Monthly payment plans available for monthly membership only. A minimum of 2 month commitment is required and payment for each month is required in full 2 weeks before the beginning of the next month.

Please note that all puppies must have a minimum of their second round of vaccinations including Bordetella prior to entering our training studio, and older canines must be current on their shots! ***Proof of vaccination is required to register!***


Will my dog be interacting with other dogs?

This all depends on your dog and their comfort, needs, and our training plan. If your pup can socialize safely with other pups, then yes, especially if we're working on socialization with your new puppy! If your pup is reactive towards other dogs or nervous and fearful around them, then their exposure to other dogs will be controlled, safe, super positive, and from a distance. We use crates, barriers, and multiple rooms throughout our studio to ensure that dogs are separated as needed.


How many students are in class?

We are extremely proud to be offering 1 trainer per maximum of 3 dogs. This very low ratio ensures that your pup gets intensive one-on-one training throughout their time at school.


So what does a day of class look like?

When you drop your pup off at day school, each day starts with a mental stimulation toy in their crate/alone zone as we bring all the students into class. Once all of the students are settled, class begins!


Each pup will work with a trainer for 20 minutes minimum per hour, on agreed upon training goals. This may be in the same room as other pups or it may be in a separate room if needed. During this time, the other students in class will be taking structured breaks intended to provide them opportunities to rest, engage in natural dog behaviours such as chewing or sniffing, or to gain opportunities to practice being alone or in their crate.


Then, we switch! We continue to rotate through our students throughout the 3 hour session. Oh! And we can't forget potty breaks! We will take your pup out for at least one potty break during their stay with us. 


Why is a school day 3 hours long?

Just like humans cannot possibly learn for 8 hours straight, neither can our pups! We've structured our day school sessions to be 3 hours long to maximize retention, minimize stress for our pups, and get the most out of our time together.


Within those 3 hours, our pups will be taking structured breaks intended to provide them opportunities to rest, engage in natural dog behaviours such as chewing or sniffing, or to gain opportunities to practice being alone or in their crate.


At all other times, they will be working with our experienced trainers on your training plan (behavioural modification, basic cues, etc.) In our experience, when pups intensively train for longer than 3 hours, they are too tired to learn more information and retention goes down. 


How is this different from daycare?

While daycare is an amazing service for lots of pups, the focus of our Day School is different. This is an intensive one-on-one training program where your pup is guided through an individualized training plan from the moment they set a paw in our building.


For some pups, this means that socialization with other dogs is on the table and we'll get the party started! For other pups, this means that they are working on their training plan solo with a trainer, and being exposed to other dogs slowly and carefully.


Each minute of our program is designed to ensure your pup gets the absolute most out of being there, even for those moments of down-time and relaxation.


How will I know my pup will be safe?

The safety of your dog is our absolute #1 priority. All of our trainers have hundreds of hours working with dogs on a wide variety of behavioural concerns, both in group and private settings. We will never put your pup in a situation if there is a risk of reactivity or discomfort as we believe that going at the learner's pace is essential for success.


We will always let you know if any incidents do occur at day school. Our co-owners have up-to-date Pet First Aid Certification through Walks n Wags and we always maintain a fully stocked pet first aid kit in our studio.


How do I help my pup to get the most out of the Day School experience?

Just as making multiple deposits in a bank account will make that bank account grow, the more we practice and train with our pups, the stronger the behaviour we are working on will become!


At the end of each day, we will send you a report of your pup's progress as well as a YouTube link to videos that show the techniques worked on. We highly recommend working on each technique at least once a day for 10 minutes during the week to ensure your pup continues to progress between their time at school!

What should I bring?

Once you register for our Day School program, we will send you a Welcome email with further detailed information, including a "supplies" list! Primarily, we will ask you to bring your pup's leash, collar/harness and a large amount of very high value treats.