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Comprehensive Program Details

The Comprehensive Package is for pups who struggle with multiple triggers, moderate to severe reactivity, bite history, shut down behaviour, general anxiety, over-arousal, or have a history of punishment based training.

Our packages are designed to honour your dog as an individual and the nature of behaviour that is multi-faceted, complex, and deep-rooted. Longer term packages are available upon request and all packages include ongoing support from your trainer between scheduled sessions. Our Comprehensive Behaviour Modification Package gives you the highest level of professional support needed, from our most experienced, senior trainers who are skilled at providing effective and ethical treatment for the most severe behavioural concerns.


The initial session and assessment provides your trainer with information to build an interactive Customized Behaviour Plan that you and your trainer will have access to and work on together, and all learning material is yours to keep! We’ll also provide immediate foundational exercises to begin working towards your goals, and offer referrals to other professional supports such as a veterinarian if appropriate. During your remaining sessions we will work on putting the Customized Behaviour Plan into place together at your home.


Why virtual? Virtual sessions allow you and your pup to work in the comfort of your own environment with the support of a professional trainer guiding you through every step. This is a great option for pups who struggle with new humans in their environment, individuals who live outside of our service area, or folks with a busy schedule. Virtual sessions allow us to work with your pup as “organically” as possible. Most behaviours can be effectively and comprehensively addressed through some or all of our sessions taking place virtually. Hybrid (a combination of virtual and in home) packages are also available and can be curated in consultation with your trainer.

Training Regimen - Senior Trainers

Session 1: 60 Minute Virtual Assessment

Session 2: 60 Minutes in-home/virtual

Session 3: 60 Minutes in-home/virtual

Session 4: 60 Minutes in-home/virtual

Session 5: 60 Minutes in-home/virtual

Session 6: 60 Minutes in-home/virtual

Comprehensive Program Package Total: $1,025 +GST

Proof of vaccination from a licensed veterinarian is required for dogs of all ages.

Additional 60 minute sessions in home: $175 +GST

Additional 60 minute session virtual: $150 +GST

*Additional dogs are $75 each per session, and dogs must be from the same household

**Travel charges will apply outside the City of Edmonton


Stephanie Sontag

"We adopted our boy, Henry last year who is a 90 lbs pitty mix. He had little training... We reached out to NBDT and had 4 private sessions with Liz, which was a life saver!"


Dustin Tkachuk

"We had a great time working with Liz at NBDT. Liz was super positive, listened closely to our concerns and was able to come up with some very effective but simple strategies to work on issues like resource guarding and leash reactivity."


Rebecca Schonnop

"We have nothing but wonderful things to say about the trainers who are super knowledgeable, take so much time to focus on your pups and families needs, and always follow-up with helpful email tips and training suggestions to practice at home. We will continue to go back for all our training needs."

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