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Separation Anxiety/Isolation Distress

This package is for pups who struggle to be left alone or to be away from a specific human(s). These pups may bark, howl, destroy objects in the home, scratch doors, harm themselves, pant, or pace when left alone/away from a specific human(s).

What makes the training program unique?

Our training program addresses your dog’s separation anxiety from the root of the issue: anxiety. All dogs experience anxiety differently; therefore, we believe the only way to treat separation anxiety is through individualized training protocols.

Separation anxiety treatment is most effective when done virtually, within your own home and with the use of video technology. This technology is extremely simple and can be done using your laptop, a tablet, your smartphone or an inexpensive user-friendly camera that we can advise you to purchase. Separation anxiety training is a gradual process and because it is a complex behavior, we work extremely closely with you, 5 days a week. We create individualized daily exercises and provide considerable feedback regularly.

We require a 4 week minimum commitment as this is the very least amount of time that we feel will allow us to get a foothold on the behavior and also start to teach you how the separation anxiety protocol works.

What's included:

60 minute in-depth initial virtual assessment - This is where we get to know you and your dog and understand what your pup is experiencing. We will explore the layout of your home, talk about what behaviours your pup is displaying, and take you through all parts of the training plan together!

Daily training plan creation (5 days a week) – take the guesswork out of your training plan! We create your individualized training exercises each day based on what you and your dog needs. This is not a standardized training plan, but rather day-by-day training activities written specifically for you.

Daily support and feedback – we got you, team! We take great care to watch the trajectory of your dog’s progress and track your data carefully to ensure we can support progress that is based on what your dog is ready for and avoid common pitfalls of separation anxiety training.

An entire team of experts with eyes on your case – We regularly consult with other Naughty Boyz trainers on all of our cases, and call upon the expertise of multiple trainers to support all of our dogs and families.

4 Week Program

Session 1 is VIRTUAL, 60 Minutes.

Daily - Mission review and feedback for 3 weeks.

Behaviour Package:
Separation Anxiety/Isolation Distress Total: $650 +GST

Additional week of support: $100 +GST

*Additional dogs are $75 each per session, and dogs must be from the same household


Stephanie Sontag

"We adopted our boy, Henry last year who is a 90 lbs pitty mix. He had little training... We reached out to NBDT and had 4 private sessions with Liz, which was a life saver!"


Dustin Tkachuk

"We had a great time working with Liz at NBDT. Liz was super positive, listened closely to our concerns and was able to come up with some very effective but simple strategies to work on issues like resource guarding and leash reactivity."


Rebecca Schonnop

"We have nothing but wonderful things to say about the trainers who are super knowledgeable, take so much time to focus on your pups and families needs, and always follow-up with helpful email tips and training suggestions to practice at home. We will continue to go back for all our training needs."

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