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Desiree Quilty

Certified Dog Trainer


I’m Desiree, certified dog trainer with Naughty Boyz Dog Training. I am also in the nursing world, so providing compassionate care and advocating for those in need is very special to me! 

From a very early age, I have been obsessed with dogs. I have always felt like I needed to have them all, especially bully breeds! I have my very own big feelings guy, Alfie! He was my inspiration to enroll in the teacher training program at Naughty Boyz in 2021. I wanted to learn how to understand him better while also developing the skills to help him navigate through this crazy world we live in. Throughout the process of learning how to help Alfie, I fell in love with training dogs. I love helping families learn fun, science based techniques, while also helping boost the confidence of both dogs and their humans. Exploring the many wonderful ways of enriching your dogs life is something I look forward to every day! 

My time at Naughty Boyz has been spent helping families during private training sessions and teaching group classes such as; puppy basics, real world basic manners and agility. I’ve also spent some time working in past Naughty Boyz programs like doggy day school and puppy play school! 

My focus while working with my families in our sessions is to provide compassion, advocacy, and simplicity. 

I can’t wait to meet you all!

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