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Dani Fisher

Certified Dog Trainer

Accepting new clients

My name is Dani and I am a Certified Dog Trainer (CDT) here at Naughty Boyz. I am passionate about fostering relationships where every dogs’ right to agency, enrichment, and happiness is celebrated profusely. I believe that through an appreciation for both learning from our dogs and with our dogs, we are able to build a strong foundation that supports our training together. I have a special interest in building foundational skills that bolster confidence in puppies and dogs alike.  


I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Animal Health at the University of Alberta. I strongly believe in understanding the physiological components underlying behaviours. Through volunteering with rescues, I’ve had the privilege of learning from various animal species such as horses, goats, rodents, birds, and cats. I embrace my love for continual learning of canine behaviour through seminars, workshops, collaboration and research.

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